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Arm Caps

Arm Caps for Your Furniture

When you order furniture with us, we can offer you arm caps with your order. These are fabric arm covers that protect the furniture arms underneath from damage or stains. Particularly requested by people who have pets that scratch furniture and people who are prone to resting drinks on furniture arms.

We make all sorts of arm caps, such as:

  • Discrete: we will make our covers will match your furniture's arm pattern perfectly, so you can remove them whenever you like.

  • Contrast or pattern arm caps to suit you.

  • Bespoke: We will even make arm caps for your furniture if you haven't bought it from us. Visit us and pick from our fabric range, or bring your own fabric, the choice is yours!

We have a standard price of £30 for a pair of arm caps*. Whatever you like, we can do! Contact us if you would like to have arm caps for your furniture made today. 

*This price can vary depending if you would like arm caps in an expensive fabric. Standard fabrics or customer's own fabrics are subject to increase or decrease this price.

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